About Us


  • Axxent Farms and Agro Allied Services Limited is a part of a diversified group of
    companies with wide interest in key sectors of the economy.
  • Ours is an emerging integrated agribusiness company with interests in crop farming – large scale cassava, maize and soya bean production, storage and processing and animal farming – poultry production, processing, storage, marketing and distribution. We also carry out services ancillary to our core businesses.
  • We have farm operations at present, predominantly, in the South West region of Nigeria but with medium term plans to expand into other regions of the country where we see viable opportunities.
  • Our current combined farmland is in excess of 130-hectares in Igbodu, Epe, Lagos State and Iseyin in Oyo State and we are on an aggressive expansion programme into neighbouring communities – negotiating land deals key agricultural production States.
  • We have a rich portfolios of large scale industrial buyers of cassava and buyers of poultry products, with most of whom we have signed Offtake Agreements.
  • We try to maximize value for our stakeholders by ensuring low cost production, employing best-in-class inputs, best agricultural practices including irrigation and latest technologies.
  • Our cassava seeds (TME 419 and TMS 30572) – gives highest tuber starch content and commands highest price among industrial buyers. Our poultry operations comply with the
    high production standards as required by our sophisticated buyers. Our maize and soya farms supply low cost inputs for our feed mill operations which form the backbone of our poultry business.
  • We have a team of experienced, young, highly educated and vibrant management and we operate a lean organization structure for efficient and effective farm operations and management.


  • To carve a niche in commercial cassava, maize , soya beans and poultry production, storage and procecessing in Nigeria and become a key player in the global commodity market for our selected produce, redefining the space where we play


  • To metamorphose into an integrated industrial crop and allied products production and processing outfit and become a major poultry product producer in the next 5 years

Key Objectives

  • To provide decent return on capital invested
  • To provide employment opportunities for the local populace.
  • To be a stakeholder-friendly establishment; meeting the demands of the community, bankers, governments and other business partners.


Strategic Partnerships – RTEP, IITA, CSAN, AFAN, CGAN


Funding Constraints;
currently limited to founders’ equity


National drive towards
Agriculture to diversify Nigeria’s revenue base & government support for agriculture


Climate Change &
Unexpected change in government policies


  • Manure Supply business: Through out farms and network we arrange for and supply organic manure including poultry droppings
  • Equipment Leasing: We lease our equipment and also help secure leasing contracts
  • Consultancy: We help prospective agropreneur settle into the business by assisting with writing business plans and funding proposals, securing land deals, equipment leasing (tractors and other implements), farm management, drawing up labour and management contracts, labour sourcing, product marketing and offtake services etc providing fully customized consultancy solutions to clients.